What Information Can Be Found on a Chakras Chart?


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Basic information found on a chakras chart includes the name, number, location, color and functions of each of the seven major chakras. Additional details may include the element associated with each chakra as well as related sounds, senses and organs, according to The-Energy-Healing-Site.com.

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Most chakra charts display between five and eight pieces of information for each chakra. The chart is used for healing and working with the energy centers located along the central line of the body. A diagram of the chakra locations shows that they are numbered from the lowest one at the bottom of the spine to the highest one at the top of the head, as shown by The-Energy-Healing-Site.com. The chakras on a chart may list both the English common name, such as heart, and the traditional Hindu name, such as anahata.

The functions of the chakras may be divided into physical, psychological and emotional categories on the chakra chart. There is some overlap between the emotional and psychological categories on the chart. Physical functions are sometimes split into associated body parts and illnesses or other dysfunctions, explains ChakraEnergy.com. Each chakra is associated with a particular gland, and these may be listed on the chart as well.

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