What Information Is Available in a Copy of a Paternity Test Result?


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A paternity test result shows the names and DNA profiles of all tested individuals, a combined paternity index, a probability of paternity, and a conclusion, states Universal Genetics. The potential father is not the biological father if the conclusion states that he is "excluded," explains Identigene. In this case, the conclusion indicates a zero combined paternity index and zero percent probability of paternity.

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There's a high chance that a potential father is the biological father if the conclusion states that he is "not excluded," notes Identigene. Paternity test centers arrive at this conclusion when the combined paternity index is 100 or above and the probability of paternity is at least 99.99 percent.

Paternity test centers determine DNA results by assigning each DNA marker with a paternity index, which measures how strong each marker confirms paternity, according to Universal Genetics. They multiply the paternity index of all markers with each other to determine a combined paternity index or an indication of the general possibility that a potential father is the biological father.

The final step is converting the combined paternity index to a probability of paternity that demonstrates the way the potential father and tested child are genetically related to each other, reports Universal Genetics. The results of a paternity test are valid as evidence of paternity for use in the courtroom, notes Identigene.

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