How Do You Inflate an Exercise Ball?

How Do You Inflate an Exercise Ball?

To inflate an exercise ball, you also need to ascertain the maximum diameter of the exercise ball before using a pump to inflate it to this diameter. You need the exercise ball, a pump that fits the exercise ball, a measuring stick, and a pencil or piece of tape.

  1. Mark the maximum diameter of the exercise ball on the wall

    The maximum diameter of the ball is the height of the ball. This measurement is important because the material of the ball should not be stretched any farther than this. This will keep the ball intact and prevent the material from warping.

  2. Lay the exercise ball on the ground

    Lay the exercise ball as flat as possible and inspect it for holes or defects. If there is a hole or defect, repair it or return the ball to the manufacturer.

  3. Insert the pump needle into the exercise ball

    Your exercise ball has a small hole through which air should be pumped. Make sure you have the right pump for the ball and turn it on or pump it once the nozzle has been inserted all the way.

  4. Confirm the size of the ball is correct

    The exercise ball should settle for about 24 hours before use. It should be firm but not completely taut. The surface should give about two inches with a gentle push from your finger, and it should hold you up comfortably.