What Infection Causes Red Spots Under the Skin?


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Infections that cause red spots under the skin include acne, eczema, measles, chicken pox, impetigo, Kawasaki disease, fifth disease and scarlet fever, according to Healthline. Other infections include seborrheic dermatitis, bug bites, mouth ulcers, warts, vitiligo, lupus and skin cancer.

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A rash or a spot is an observable change in the skin color and textile, as explained by Healthline. There are innumerable infections and diseases that cause red spots under the skin. While the spot may exhibit itself in form of a rash, proper diagnosis must follow to establish the underlying problem. Apart from infections, red spots and rashes are caused by the use of certain cosmetics, allergies to certain allergens, certain medication, and physical bruising, as stated by Healthline. Contact dermatitis is a condition characterized by a reaction after the skin is exposed to something.

Common causes of contact dermatitis are cloth dyes, poisonous plants, beauty products, laundry detergents, soaps, and certain chemicals, according to Healthline. The spots and rashes arising from these allergens are usually itchy. Luckily, doctors manage the conditions easily.

A patient may contain most rashes and spots at home by washing the area with gentle cleansers, warm water and avoiding cosmetics, as reported by Healthline. However, one is advised to contact the doctor when there is increased discoloration, increased pain, and when new rashes appear. Similarly, high fever, a swollen face, head or neck pain, dizziness, vomiting and diarrhea are symptoms of more serious infections.

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