What Does an Infantigo Rash Look Like?


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An infantigo or impetigo rash looks like red sores that break, ooze and crust over, according to Mayo Clinic. The crust is usually yellow-brown, and the lesions are typically found around the mouth and nose. Infantigo is another word for impetigo, according to Medical News Today.

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Another type of impetigo, bullous impetigo, presents with larger sores, explains Mayo Clinic. These sores are found on the diaper area and the body of babies and young children. In ecthyma, which is a more severe type of impetigo, the sores are deep-seated, painful and filled with pus or fluid.

Impetigo is usually a disease of children, WebMD advises. It is caused by a bacteria and is spread when the child comes into contact with skin, clothes, toys or other items handled by another child with impetigo. The disease is caused by one of two bacteria: streptococcus or staphylococcus.

Impetigo is treated with antibiotics, reports WebMD. The drugs can be administered either topically or orally. During the treatment, the child needs to be kept out of school or day care for about 24 hours to avoid infecting other children. The sores should be gently washed and the crusts removed every day, though they should not be scratched. The sores usually heal after about a week if the child stays on a course of antibiotics.

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