What Are Some Inexpensive Meals That Are Both Healthy and Easy to Make?


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Baked rigatoni is one meal that is cheap, healthy and easy to make. Made with lean ground beef, four servings cost about $10, as of November 2015, and is easy to prepare, with minimal steps required and most of the cooking time passive. Inexpensive onions and garlic add flavor, while canned plum tomatoes cut down on prep time.

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Black bean chili with ground turkey is another cheap, healthy and easy meal. Turkey is leaner than beef, and low-sodium black beans help cut down on salt content. Canned beans, broth and tomatoes mean little prep time and the entire meal requires only one pot. This low-cholesterol chili costs around $9.45 to make.

Potato and broccoli casserole made with low-fat milk and low-fat cheese is another option. Costing just over $10.00 for four servings, the low-fat dairy keeps it light, the low-calorie broccoli is vitamin-packed and most of the cooking time is passive. Frozen broccoli and canned bread crumbs help keep the prep time to a minimum.

Vegetarian tacos are healthy, very cheap and require almost no prep. Simply add low-sodium kidney beans, canned salsa, shredded lettuce and shredded cheese to taco shells warmed in the oven and serve. The ingredients needed for at least four servings cost only around $9.75.

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