What Are Some Indications of Lip Cancer?


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Typical symptoms of lip cancer include lumps, discoloration on the lips, or a lip sore that does not heal, according to Healthgrades. A bleeding lip, thickened part of the lip, or a numb, tingling or painful sensation in the lip may also indicate lip cancer.

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Lip cancer can affect other areas of the body and show symptoms in the mouth or neck, states Healthgrades. Some people with lip cancer experience enlarged lymph nodes or mouth or jaw swelling. Severe symptoms include high fever, fast heartbeat, lethargy, too much bleeding and change in consciousness level.

Symptoms often do not manifest during the early stages of lip cancer, notes Healthgrades. Many lip cancers occur on the lower lip and develop as squamous cell cancers, which result from the abnormal growth of the cells lining and covering the lip. Anyone who experiences eating or drinking trouble, persistent sores on the lip, mouth or neck, or other lip cancer symptoms should consult a medical professional immediately.

Factors that increase a person's risk of developing lip cancer include sun exposure, alcohol use, tobacco use, presence of the human papilloma virus and being male, says Healthgrades. Early diagnosis of lip cancer leads to higher chances of being cured through surgery or radiation therapy. For lip cancers in advanced stages, chemotherapy and targeted therapies are usually necessary.

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