What Are Some Indications of Cataract Removal?


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People over 60 years have chances of developing cataract. They should visit a doctor if they have clouded, blurred, dim or double vision, increasing difficulty seeing at night, sensitivity to light and glare, visualizing “halos” around lights, frequent changes in eyeglasses or contact lens prescriptions, fading or yellowing of colors or double vision in a single eye.

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People over 60 years of age may start developing cataract, but it may not be visible. Over age 75, there are more chances of developing it. There are various causes of cataract: diabetes, eye inflammation, eye injury, family history, smoking, exposure to ultra-violet radiation, eye surgery or intake of certain medications, such as corticosteroids.

The only treatment of cataract is surgery. Doctors may suggest other options at an early stage to prevent the condition from getting any worse. Ways to prevent cataract formation are quitting smoking, avoiding too much direct sunlight exposure, and controlling any diseases that would increase the chances of its further development.

If diagnosed at a later stage, cataract can lead to complications in other parts of the eye. So when one witnesses indications, such as decreased night vision, problems with glare or vision loss, one should be immediately directed to the doctor for an eye exam.

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