How Does Indentigene DNA Testing Work?

How Does Indentigene DNA Testing Work?

Indentigene is a brand of DNA tests that work by amplifying or copying the DNA, according to the company website. Identigene sells DNA tests for the purpose of establishing paternity.

Tests can extract DNA from nearly all specimen types, according to Identigene, but the most commonly used type of DNA extraction is a cheek swab. Cells are opened using a chemical process. DNA is extracted and placed into a special solution containing primers.

The primers find and make copies of the DNA, explains Identigene. The process of heating and cooling the DNA and primers is repeated 28 times. This process makes millions of copies of DNA fragments. These fragments are detected and viewed by a machine called a genetic analyzer. This process is called Polymerase Chain Reaction, or PCR.

The PCR process makes copies of 16 to 18 Genetic Systems in order to make one DNA Profile, notes Identigene. Each individual has different sizes of DNA fragments at each Genetic System. A special type of software measures the different sizes of the DNA sections. This information is used to answer paternity questions, says Identigene.

A DNA Profile is combination of half of the father’s markers and half of the mother’s markers. If the tested father does not share matching markers with the child, then the tested man is excluded as the biological father. If the DNA Profiles do match, the father is not excluded, reports Identigene.