How Do You Increase White Blood Count Naturally?


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Although there are no specific foods proven to raise white blood cell counts naturally, high-quality proteins provide the body with amino acids, which are building blocks to creating new white blood cells, according to Oncology Nutrition. Caring for the immune system can increase the chances of returning to normal as well.

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While no particular foods are recommended to increase white blood cell counts, many foods can be avoided to help care for the immune system overall, explains Oncology Nutrition. Avoid raw meat, eggs and fish, and moldy or expired food. Also, take care to stay away from unpasteurized beverages, including fruit and vegetable juice, beer and milk, as well as unpasteurized honey. Fresh fruits and vegetables are not shown to cause harm, but should be washed very well.

White blood cells are made in the bone marrow, so radiation or chemotherapy to bones can cause suppression of blood cell production and low counts in cancer patients, notes Oncology Nutrition. However, the cell counts often quickly return to normal between rounds of treatment and after the therapy is completed. The amount of time it takes for the white blood cell count to return to normal varies from person to person.

It is important to take care while the body works to return this count to normal. Wash hands often with antibacterial soap, and make sure a clean environment is supported when white blood cell counts are low, recommends Oncology Nutrition. Always consult a doctor in a situation of poor health.

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