How Do You Increase White Blood Cells?

According to Oncology Nutrition, high-quality protein can aid in increasing an individual's white blood cell count since the amino acids derived from protein are an essential part of creating new white blood cells. A person who has the condition known as neutropenia should avoid food that is expired or moldy as well as raw eggs, meat and fish.

Oncology Nutrition notes that while there aren't any foods or dietary shifts that have been proven to increase an individual's white blood cell count, there are specific practices that a person can engage in, such as thoroughly washing his hands and food safety, to protect himself.

Mineral supplements and multivitamins that contain folate and vitamin B12 can also be beneficial since both are necessary for the creation of white blood cells, says Oncology Nutrition. An individual who needs to increase his white blood cell count because he is being treated for cancer should speak with a Registered Dietitian so that he can have a special nutrition plan created that ensures he is getting the proper nutrients and enough protein during and after cancer treatment.

Oncology Nutrition also notes that an individual who has been diagnosed with cancer should speak with his doctor before taking any kind of multivitamin or supplement since they might interfere with cancer treatments.