How Do You Increase Your Vertical Jump?

How Do You Increase Your Vertical Jump?

There are several exercises that can increase your vertical jump, some of which involve weights and others that use just the weight of your body. Two effective exercises are the squat jump and athletic movement jumps, which can be performed as both a body weight exercise or with weight added. In addition to performing these exercises, it is also important to improve flexibility in the muscles of your legs.

  1. Perform squat jumps

    Begin a squat jump by standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Keeping your back straight, lower your hips until they are at least parallel to the ground. Explosively drive yourself upward, and come off the ground. Land softly, and repeat.

  2. Perform athletic movement jumps

    Begin to perform an athletic movement jump, also called a counter movement jump, by taking an athletic stance as you would in a sport. Push your hips back slightly, and bend the knees. Explosively come up from this position, and drive yourself off the ground.

  3. Stretch out your leg muscles

    Stretch out your leg muscles with a mixture of static and dynamic stretching. For dynamic stretching, leg swings are effective for both the hamstrings and hip joints. Simply balance yourself on one leg, and swing your other leg through its full range of motion. For static stretching, the standing hamstring stretch is effective. For this stretch, begin by extending your leg out straight. Without rounding your lower back, lean forward, and try to grab your toes.