How Do You Increase Stamina Through Breathing Exercises?

The best way to increase stamina through breathing exercises is to strengthen the diaphragm as this muscle does 80 percent of the work when you take a breath, according to Active. Research supports that marathoners with the weakest leg muscles also have the most strained breathing.

Breathing exercises can condition the diaphragm, which separates the chest from the abdomen, the intercostal muscles between the ribs and the flexibility of the rib cage itself, reports the Daily Mail. Correct breathing starts from the abdomen.

Diaphragmatic breathing, as opposed to shallow-chest breathing, is breathing from the belly, states Active. Abdominal or belly breathing oxygenates the muscles properly. A stronger respiratory system requires less energy, which means more energy can go to the motor muscles, says Ace.

Practicing yoga can serve as an excellent way to breathe better and fuller. The breath work central to yoga can enhance breath awareness, lung capacity and circulation, claims GaiamTV. Increased aerobic capacity through yoga poses and breathing exercises is an effective way to supply oxygen-rich blood to muscles, which is then turned into energy. Some yoga poses that strengthen breathing and therefore stamina include: Downward-Facing Dog, Hero Pose or Reclining Hero Pose, Warrior I Pose and Half Twist Pose.