How Do You Increase Push-Ups?


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In order to increase the number of possible push-ups, first do as many push-ups as possible to get a benchmark number. Then take the benchmark number, and divide it in half. Next, perform the divided number of push-ups every 1 to 2 hours. The focus should remain on quality, not quantity.

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For the more advanced bodybuilder with months of training already accomplished, there is a program that relies on 200 to 250 push-ups on even days during the course of the day. On odd days, 200 to 250 push-ups is the goal, using as few sets as possible. The program allows for 10 days of exercise and 3 days of rest.

A quality push-up is not a push-up in which the arms are flared out at the sides, the midsection is bending or the chest flops toward the ground. The two keys to quality push-ups are using the back muscle called the latissimus dorsi muscle, or lats for short, and relying on a specific motion to help ensure quality.

Keep your arms close to your side, and focus on tension. Visualize the hands pulling the body to the ground as claws gripping tightly. The tension created in the hands can counteract many bad habits encountered with push-ups, such as the upper back collapsing.

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