How Do You Increase Your Metabolism?


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Some ways to increase your metabolism include building muscle, doing aerobic exercise, drinking more water, and eating more throughout the day. Other ways include adding spicy foods to your diet, eating foods high in protein, and drinking black coffee.

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Having more muscle allows the body to continue to burn more calories, even at rest. This is because people with more muscle have a higher resting metabolic rate. Approximately 6 calories are consumed by the body to sustain each pound of muscle. Although strength training is necessary to build muscle, high-intensity aerobic exercise keeps the metabolism at a higher level hours after the workout is complete.

Drinking more water allows the body to burn calories more effectively because even mild dehydration slows down metabolism. Drink a glass of water before eating or eat snacks such as fresh fruit or vegetables to stay hydrated. Eating snacks throughout the day also boosts the metabolism because it allows the body to continue burning calories.

Spicy foods contain chemicals that naturally increase the body's metabolism. Use red pepper flakes or chopped red or green chili peppers in dishes for a quick metabolic boost. The body burns more calories when it digests foods that are high in protein as opposed to those that contain fats or carbohydrates. Some good sources of protein include fish, white meat chicken, turkey, nuts and eggs. Black coffee in moderation boosts the metabolism for a short time because of the caffeine it contains. It also provides a boost in energy before workouts.

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