How Do You Increase Your Energy?


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To increase energy, a person can take brisk walks, consistently eat a nutritious breakfast each morning, take short power naps in the middle of the day, and increase magnesium consumption in the diet. Reducing stress and limiting one's alcohol intake help the body to function at peak performance.

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Dehydration is a commonly overlooked cause for lethargy. People should drink adequate amounts of water throughout the day to keep the body alert.

Limiting sugar from one's diet is a key way to reduce the frequency and severity of midday sugar crashes that occur when blood glucose levels abruptly spike and subsequently crash. Replace simple carbohydrates with foods that release sugar into the bloodstream more slowly, such as whole grains. Add to the diet potent snacks that provide protein, fat and fiber, as these nutrients supply the body with enough fuel to bridge a person's appetite between meals without causing insulin levels to rise drastically. Adding fish, nuts or whole grains to the diet boosts magnesium levels, which keep the body from working too hard to perform simple tasks.

People who are chronically fatigued should visit a doctor and have blood work done to identify possible underlying causes of lethargy, such as a thyroid malfunction, anemia or a hormone imbalance.

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