How Do You Increase Your Endurance While Running?


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Methods to increase endurance while running include gradually increasing workout intensity to allow the body to adapt gradually and cross training with other workouts, such as swimming and cycling, to reduce wear and tear on the body. Interval training, in which high intensity phases mix with low intensity phases for a short workout, are also effective at improving stamina.

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The most effective training methods vary for each runner. Long runs are useful for improving endurance but may also cause injuries. Runners may minimize injuries by running at a slower pace and using the core to keep the feet on the ground as little as possible. Pool running is also a good way to train the muscles used in a run without putting as much stress on the body. Resistance training to strengthen muscles without adding mass benefits endurance because a stronger muscle uses less energy when performing tasks than a weaker muscle. Resistance exercises for runners include lunges, squats, crunches, push ups and upright rows. Nutrition is an important part of becoming a better runner. Nutrients help the body recover more quickly, which creates more opportunities to train. A nutritious smoothie is an excellent choice to aid recovery after a workout.

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