How Do I Increase My CD4 Count?


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According to an article published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology in 2010, eating yogurt made with probiotics is great for increasing the CD4 levels in the body of people affected with HIV/AIDS. People living with HIV/AIDS have a problem with gastrointestinal infections and leakage of microbial products from the gut. For those living without HIV/AIDS, eating yogurt can help prevent these problems in the future.

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According to AIDS.gov, if the CD4 or T-cell count falls below 200 cells, this means that the HIV has progressed to AIDS. If people who are infected with AIDS are not treated properly, they only survive for about three years. Once the HIV infection has gone to full-blown AIDS, a person's body is more prone to other infections and diseases.

AIDS.gov notes that a person with a healthy immune system who does not have AIDS, should have a CD4 count between 500 and 1,600 cells. However, a person is also considered to have AIDS if he develops one, or more than one, opportunistic illnesses or diseases. This means it does not matter how far below the normal cell count the CD4 has gone. Also, once the person has a dangerous illness or disease, his life expectancy can fall from three years to one year.

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