How Do You Increase Your Appetite?


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To increase appetite, About.com recommends buying favorite food items from the grocery store so that food is as appealing as possible and breaking up food amounts into smaller portions throughout the day to help mealtimes seem less daunting. Liquids should be avoided at mealtimes, as they can cause a person to feel full sooner. The best food choices offer tempting flavors.

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Alissa Fleck of SF Gate recommends increasing the frequency of physical exercise to force the body to develop a stronger appetite. While most beverages are generally discouraged 30 minutes before a meal, drinking a bit of juice or wine may actually coax a person to feel hungry. High-fat foods should be avoided because they can cause a person to feel satiated sooner than preferred.

People with difficulty chewing can choose foods that are softer. According to Fleck, people who eat in a social setting may feel more relaxed and be compelled to enjoy eating more food with friends or family.

Women's Health magazine explains that cranking up the indoor air conditioning can trick the body into being hungry. This behavior mimics the body's natural hunger response to the colder temperatures experienced during winter months, which signals a person to eat more in an effort to maintain body heat.

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