How Do You Increase the Amount You Bench Press by 50 Pounds?

Increase the amount you bench press by bench pressing more often, improving your bench press form, adding weight to the bars, and lowering the number of bench press repetitions in each set from 10 to five. Warm up for bench pressing by doing several sets with light weight before transitioning to your work weight. Rest between each set of bench presses for five minutes, and perform multiple repetitions with one breath.

Increase the amount you bench press by making the bench press the focus of your workout. Perform the bench press as the first exercise in your routine to increase your strength and ability to bench press. Focus on developing the clavicular pectoralis muscle in the upper chest by performing incline bench presses and varying the grip width used while performing bench presses. Different inclines and grip widths exercise different groups of muscles and increase overall strength.

Maintain proper bench press form to improve the effectiveness of bench press workouts and increase the amount you can press. Hold the bar low in your grip close to your hands, maintain straight wrists, and tuck elbows directly under the bar at all angles. Raise your chest to the ceiling, arch your back while pressing, and keep shoulders back on the bench.