How Do You Increase Adiponectin Concentrations?


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Concentrations of the hormone adiponectin can be increased by combining exercise with a low-calorie diet, explain A.M. Feoli, J.C. de Almeida and F.M. Silva in a 2011 study published on PubMed. Adiponectin levels also can be increased through yoga and by drinking coffee regularly, states naturopathic doctor Natasha Turner of Chatelaine.

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Adiponectin helps regulate glucose levels and the breakdown of fatty acids in the body, explains UniProt. High levels of the hormone are associated with decreased inflammation and lower incidences of diabetes, among other benefits.

There are several ways of maintaining high levels of adiponectin in the body, notes Turner. These include taking omega-3 supplements and regularly consuming foods rich in fiber. Taking one and a half teaspoons of safflower oil daily has been shown to boost adiponectin levels, states Turner, citing results of a study conducted by the Ohio State University. Adiponectin levels also can be boosted by taking turmeric. The culinary spice also reduces the levels of inflammation-causing hormones such as leptin and resistin. Turner recommends taking no more than two turmeric capsules half an hour before meals.

Adiponectin levels can be boosted by using monounsaturated fats in place of saturated fats, Turner states. Additional benefits of using monounsaturated fat include reduction of belly fat and higher levels of adiponectin.

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