Is It Inconvenient After Cataract Surgery?


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Recovery from cataract surgery can be inconvenient, with eyedrop medication being required and the eyes having increased sensitivity to light, says WebMD. Mild irritation may also result, and Tylenol and Advil are some medications that can help. Mild tearing is also possible, and some activities may need to be restricted.

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Patients should usually keep their eye covered all the time for one week after surgery, explains VisionAware from the American Foundation for the Blind. This can be done via eye shields or eyeglasses, which are sometimes inconvenient. However, if the eye is bumped or rubbed, the surgical incision might be opened. To decrease the risk of the incision tearing open, patients should also avoid lifting more than 10 pounds and not bend so their heads go below their waists. They should not strain so hard they need to hold their breath; for example, this could happen on the toilet with a bowel movement.

Eyedrop medications promote healing and protect against infection, according to WebMD. While they can be inconvenient, they should be used as instructed for a patient to achieve the best possible recovery. Many patients notice their vision is better the day after the surgery, and after one month, they can get prescriptions for new eyeglasses.

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