What Is Included in a Red Cross Toothache Kit?


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The Red Cross toothache kit contains eugenol, sesame oil, cotton pellets and metal tweezers. These contents include the medication to treat the toothache as well as the instruments needed to apply the medication. Instructions required to use the kit and administer the medication are included on the package.

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Toothaches are caused from a variety of factors, including tooth decay, an abscessed tooth, a tooth fracture or a damaged filling. They are also caused from repetitive motions such as grinding the teeth or chewing gum. Infections in the gums are another source of the pain. There are several ways in which a toothache manifests itself. Tooth pain can be constant, sharp or throbbing. In other cases, pain is only present when stimuli are applied to the tooth, such as pressure. There can also be swelling around the tooth.

If there is an infected tooth, there can be fever or a foul-tasting drainage that emanates from the tooth. Over-the-counter treatments such as the Red Cross toothache kit are intended for short-term relief of a toothache. If a toothache lasts more than a couple of days or is accompanied by an earache, fever or pain when the mouth is open wide, seek medical attention.

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