What Is Included in the Price of a Curves Membership?

Although perks vary by the individual franchise and plans, a Curves membership generally provides access to fitness classes, exercise equipment, coaching and meal planning at a nearby location. As franchises are generally unrelated, a Curves membership is typically a contractual arrangement between a specific fitness center and the consumer.

Curves franchises provide women with a gender-friendly space to work out, offering specialized classes, such as "Body Balance," "Arms, Core and Legs," "Stretch and Strength" and "Dance and Tone." It also offers comprehensive exercise programs, such as "Jillian Michaels' Total Body Workout."

Each Curves franchise operates its workout regimens around a circuit-training concept, establishing a number of exercise stations. Participants in a regimen perform a specific exercise for a pre-determined amount of time before switching to the next. Completing all of the stations is one circuit.

In addition to physical fitness through exercise, Curves encourages weight loss through nutritional coaching. It provides members with recipes, grocery lists and guides for eating out. The franchises' "Meal Plans" program establishes three steps for healthy eating. Phase one is titled "Jump Start" and focuses on food choices and portion control. "Take It Off," the second phase, adjusts caloric intake as the exercise program increases the body's metabolic rate. The final phase, "Keep It Off," helps customers stay at a desired target weight.