What Is Included on Adult Guardianship Forms?


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Adult guardianship application forms contain information about the person being cared for and the person applying to be the guardian, according to attorney Joseph L. Matthews for Caring.com. The forms also outline the reason and nature of the guardianship, which is referred to as a conservatorship in some states.

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Paperwork required for filing an adult guardianship must state the mental, physical or other reasons the individual is unable to make his own decisions, explains Matthews. The forms stipulate the petitioner must have a hearing before a judge. There is usually a portion of the form designated for a health care evaluation. This part must be filled out by a qualified health care professional who provides information about the person. This information includes details about his medical history and current state of mind and the provider's opinion about whether a guardianship is warranted.

Application paperwork may include forms for appointing health care providers, attorneys, estate conservators and court investigators to the case. People can seek emergency temporary or permanent guardianship. Guardianship applications can be reviewed and contested by interested parties, including the person's family members, notes Matthews. If a person has already filed power-of-attorney papers, the individual designated in those documents takes responsibility for the person's affairs.

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