How Do You Improve Your Vertical?

To improve your vertical jump, remove the knots in your leg muscles. Perform jump rope exercises, calf raises, weighted squats and depth jumps on a regular basis. Warm up prior to exercising and performing a vertical jump.

  1. Remove muscle knots

    Apply a moderate amount of pressure directly to the muscle using your hands; this removes muscle knots. Maintain the pressure for 10 to 20 seconds, then apply kneading strokes in a circular motion.

  2. Stretch

    Warm up your muscles using a variety of static and kinetic stretches. Perform static stretches, then jog around for 10 to 15 minutes. Run up and down a flight of stairs with moderately high intensity, but only repeat a few times to prevent fatigue.

  3. Jump rope

    To improve your vertical jump, perform jump rope exercises on a regular basis. Jump rope for 30-minute intervals, ideally four to five times a week.

  4. Exercise

    Build your leg muscles with calf raises, weighted squats and depth jumps. Perform these workouts at your home or at a gym at least twice a week. Perform up to 10 sets of 100 reps for each calf raise workout. Do squats using light weights but with a high number of repetitions. To perform a depth jump, stand on a platform around 8 inches off the ground. Step off the platform, then jump off the ground as high as you can. Step back on the platform and repeat the exercise with three to five sets of three repetitions.