How Do You Improve Stamina?


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People can improve physical stamina by adopting a healthy diet filled with essential vitamins and minerals, taking short walks or jogs throughout the day and indulging in power naps to refresh momentary fatigue. Mental stamina can be improved by thinking and reciting positive thoughts and visualizing soothing environments when stressed.

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Improving stamina overall requires an individual to reflect on how he can work through physical and emotional obstacles. For example, when a rigorous work day schedule has left a person feeling drained and exhausted, he might be tempted to grab unhealthy fast food on the way home and sit on the couch for the rest of the evening. However, these practices may increase the fatigue that decreases stamina. Instead, a quick power nap followed by a healthy meal and an after-dinner walk may increase physical stamina, whereas a quiet moment of meditation and a confidence-boosting personal pep talk may also increase mental stamina.

Getting enough or additional sleep may also improve both mental and physical stamina, according to WebMD. It is recommended to aim for seven hours of sleep each night, on average. A person who exercises intensely on a regular basis or is under a significant amount of stress should aim for more than seven hours of sleep each night.

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