How Do You Improve Reaction Time ?


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Taking up yoga or a fast-paced sport or video game; intensifying training; and maintaining a healthy sleep schedule can improve reaction time, according to Suzanne Reilley for AZCentral. These remedies improve reaction times in sport performance, everyday emergencies and overall life quality as the body gets older.

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Yoga relaxes the muscles and increases body self-awareness and balance by quieting and relaxing the mind, states Reilley. This enables the body to move fluidly and with improved reaction time. A fast-paced sport, such as tennis, trains muscles to move and stop quickly while a person focuses on a small target, which improves reaction time in everyday life. The benefits of exercise also improve reaction time by working the muscles and increasing blood circulation.

Video games provide an alternative to an exercise regimen; Reilley suggests choosing a fast-paced video game that requires quick muscle reaction time and also works up a sweat. Type II muscle fibers are used for quick movements; adding sprints to an exercise regimen and slowly increasing the amount lifted while decreasing the number of reps strengthens type II muscles to improve reaction time. Adding more explosive motions or plyometric workouts to a weightlifting regimen after time also improves reaction time. Solid rest allows the body to process the work done to the body to improve reaction time and allows it to perform with optimum strength when needed.

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