How Do You Improve Pull-up Exercises?


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To improve pull-ups, work on related exercises, like dumbbell rows, bicep curls and pulldowns. If you are already able to do pull-ups, wear a weighted vest to build strength. To build up to doing pull-ups, do assisted and negative pull-ups.

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  1. Strengthen the muscles used during pull-ups

    Perform lat pulldowns and dumbbell rows with one knee and hand on a bench to strengthen the muscles used to perform pull-ups. Basic bicep curls also strengthen these muscles.

  2. Do assisted and negative pull-ups

    If you cannot do a full pull-up, try doing an assisted pull-up. Loop a resistance band around a pull-up bar, and insert one foot into the bottom loop. The resistance band retracts as you lift your weight, helping you to pull your body up. To do a negative pull-up, get your chin to the bar, and slowly lower yourself until your arms hang straight. You can also do an inverted pull-up on a bar that's a few feet off of the ground. Grab the bar, and hang below it with your feet out in front of you. Pull yourself up to the bar, and then lower yourself slowly.

  3. Add weight

    If you can already do pull-ups, add repetitions to each set. Also, try wearing a weight vest to build muscle strength and endurance.

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