How Do You Improve Facial Skin Condition?


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Improve facial skin by checking the quality of water used to wash skin and adjusting skin care products accordingly as well as by drinking green tea, lowering stress levels and improving indoor air quality, says Real Simple. Individuals who are prone to acne should not consume large amounts of dairy.

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Soft water can make it difficult for a person to wash off facial cleansers completely, which is why only a small amount of a skin care product should be used, notes Real Simple. Hard water can make it difficult to get sufficient lather from facial soaps and cleansers, which is why it is best for those with hard water to use a non-soap formula.

Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties, which can soften skin, says Real Simple. Green tea also contains pigallocatechin gallate, which can keep the collagen in facial skin from breaking down and prevent the formation of wrinkles. Stress can lead to breakouts due to the buildup of the cortisone hormone, which can lead to oily skin and lower the body's ability to ward off acne-causing bacteria. Properly managing stress through meditation, physical exercise and breathing exercises can help control stress and keep acne in check.

Being exposed to smoky and polluted environments can lead to damaged and prematurely aged skin, notes Real Simple. A humidifier and regularly changed furnace air filters can help improve indoor air quality and skin.

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