How Do You Help to Improve a Daughter's Body Image?


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Parents can help a daughter improve her body image by focusing on her abilities and talents instead of her physical appearance, says WebMD. Parents should also display a healthy body image for their daughter to model.

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Many young women experience body image issues. While this is natural, it can be exacerbated by stereotypes perpetuated in the media and unrealistic beauty standards, according to WebMD. Parents can minimize this effect by acknowledging and discussing it with their daughter and by reminding her that no body type is better than another. Since children model what they see, parents should take care not to be critical of other people's bodies or of their own bodies.

Girls who participate in sports and other physical activities tend to have a healthier body image than those who don't, states Mayo Clinic. It is advisable for parents to keep the focus on the health benefits of exercise. They should encourage a daughter to exercise as a means of becoming strong and healthy rather than as an effort to look a certain way.

Another way to help a daughter improve body image is to remind her that her body is changing and may continue to do so as a normal part of maturation. It also help to explain the role of genetics, and to stress that there is no one ideal body shape, advises Mayo Clinic.

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