How Do You Improve Your Bench Press?

The easiest way to improve your bench press and break through a plateau is to improve your form. Almost all lifters at each level of experience have flaws in their form that would improve their bench presses if corrected.

  1. Identify your weaknesses

    By having a trained professional critique your form, you will likely be able to quickly identify at least one improvement that will dramatically improve your lifting ability. Ego is often the biggest hurdle to overcome, and asking for advice from a professional will likely pay off quickly.

  2. Train the upper back, shoulders, and triceps.

    The bench press does not just train pectoral muscles, because it is a true compound lift that uses almost every muscle in the upper body. A lifter will only be able to bench press as much as his upper back, shoulders and triceps will allow. Without proper attention to these areas, the heavy weight cannot be supported.

  3. Schedule the bench press early in your workout

    After a proper warm up, bench press should be done early in the workout so that you have enough energy to lift as much weight as possible. Safety is also very important, so be sure to have a spotter. Spotters also give you confidence to lift more weight without fear of injury.