What Are the Most Important Vitamins for a Woman Over 60?


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The most important vitamins for a woman over 60 include vitamin D and vitamin B12, according to WebMD. Vitamin D and calcium are of particular importance because they prevent the bone loss to which older women are prone.

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More than half of women over 55 years of age have low bone mass, and the recommended daily intake of calcium and vitamin D increases significantly for older women, notes WebMD. Because vitamin D is needed for calcium absorption, older women need to consume additional calcium and vitamin D to prevent bone loss. The body's ability to obtain vitamin D from the sun decreases with age, so older women need to obtain it through their diets. Calcium is found in foods like milk, milk products, canned fish with bones and broccoli, and vitamin D is obtained through fortified cereal, liver and fish. If a woman does not consume enough calcium and vitamin D in her diet, she needs to use vitamin supplements.

Vitamin B12 is important to women over the age of 60 because the body's ability to absorb the vitamin diminishes with age as a result of low stomach acid, explains WebMD. The vitamin is responsible for proper cognitive function, and people deficient in vitamin B12 have memory decline and neurologic abnormalities. Older women should consume foods naturally rich in vitamin B12, including meat, fish and eggs, or supplements in order to absorb enough of it.

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