What Are Some Important Tips for a Fast Recovery From a Mini Stroke?


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After a stroke, survivors should address various aspects of life that may have been affected, including physiological, emotional, mental and financial aspects. The American Stroke Association recommends that stroke survivors follow good nutrition to help prevent a recurrence and also lists a few exercises available to recover lost motor skills.

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High cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and obesity increase the chances of a stroke, states the American Stroke Association. To prevent this, stroke survivors should limit saturated fat and trans fat, increase their intake of vegetables and fruits, and eat fish at least twice a week. There are also some exercises to recover fine motor skills that can be done at home, such as putting pegs in cardboard, shooting marbles into a cardboard box or exercising fingers with a rubber band. Regaining strength and precision in the hands and fingers is vital to a stroke survivor's quality of life.

Many survivors also suffer from depression due to a sudden lack of independence, which may be addressed both by physiotherapy as well as counseling, notes the American Stroke Association. Survivors also benefit from switching to a healthier lifestyle, such as an increase in exercise and giving up smoking. The financial aspect of medical care and medication should not be ignored, states the National Stroke Association. Survivors should budget their finances in order to prepare for potential future expenses.

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