What are some important questions for cancer patients to ask?


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Important questions for cancer patients to ask their doctors center around their diagnoses, possible treatment options and how having cancer is going to affect their lives, explains the American Cancer Society. Possibly, the first question should identify the physician in charge of treatment, since he most likely has the ability to answer all questions.

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A patient should ask what type of cancer he has and its location, explains the American Cancer Society. It is helpful to ask how often the physician treats the patient's cancer type and how to reach the doctor after hours. Some patients may want to ask for a prognosis of their conditions.

A patient should ask questions whose answers supply information about his treatment options, states the American Cancer Society. Asking if there are additional treatments to consider or whether a clinical trial is a viable option are appropriate questions. Once the patient and the doctor determine a course of treatment, the patient should make sure he understands the names of his medications, the treatment's duration, the treatment costs and how the doctor knows if the treatment is working.

A patient should also ask if he is to avoid any food or drink types or activities while undergoing treatment, the American Cancer Society states. It is also important to know how the treatment affects his ability to work, participate in family life and enjoy leisure activities.

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