How Important Is It to Get As Much Information on Cancer As You Can When You Have Cancer?


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It is important for a patient to learn about their cancer diagnosis to help them cope with the condition. This approach helps the patient make informed decisions about their health, notes Mayo Clinic. It also gives the patient a sense of control.

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When a patient visits with their doctor, they can ask questions to learn about their cancer diagnosis. Questions that ask about the type of cancer, treatment, timelines for treatment and what to expect result in necessary information for moving forward. Mayo Clinic suggests preparing the questions ahead of time and bringing along a friend or family member to assist with retaining the information.

Some patients may want to learn just enough to make informed decisions. Others may find comfort in knowing as much as possible. Each patient should determine for themselves how much they need to know and then share their preferences with their physicians, explains Mayo Clinic.

Learning about a cancer diagnosis and treatment can help a patient focus on what they can control, rather than what they cannot control. This is just one way to cope with a cancer diagnosis. The American Cancer Society suggests expressing feelings, managing self-care, exercising and connecting with others when dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

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