What Is Important to Know About in-Home Kidney Dialysis?


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Reliable plumbing and electricity are a must for in-home kidney dialysis. Also, it is important to have the vision quality to insert the dialysis needles into one's own skin. Staying with a regular schedule means that the patient must be motivated for this to work, as stated by ABC News.

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As of 2012, out of about 5,700 dialysis centers in the United States, fewer than 25 percent provide training for home dialysis. People who have to go to a dialysis center for their treatments become the logistical hostage of the operating hours of those centers. This places limitations on their ability to hold down full-time jobs. Those centers that are willing to provide treatment end up giving their patients a much higher quality of life, reports ABC News.

Home dialysis has been a treatment option since 1980, but having a quality anchor center, which provides training, monthly checkups and emergency treatment, is crucial. This provides a needed support system for people who are responsible for their own treatment on a daily basis. As of 2010, only about 7 percent of dialysis patients were using home dialysis, but that number may continue to grow as training becomes more available, according to ABC News.

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