Why Is It Important to Have Good Flexibility?


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Having a flexible body is crucial to the health of all human beings. A flexible body prevents muscle injury or strain during strenuous workouts as well as common daily activities. Posture also improves with high flexibility.

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Many athletes improve flexibility through basic stretches prior to physical activity, but other methods can be used to achieve a flexible body. Age commonly reduces flexibility within humans, and proper muscle maintenance is vital to top physical performance.

In order to maintain proper flexibility, static stretches can be performed both prior to and after workouts. Proper stretching exercises will lengthen muscles, resulting in a greater range of motion. Additionally, massage can aid the flexibility of muscles in all areas of the body. Massage reduces knots within muscles and body tissues that can limit movement.

In spite of this, it is important to understand the body's comfortable range of motion when testing the limits of flexibility. While muscles contain many elastic properties that lengthen through stretching, tendons are not particularly elastic. Overly flexible muscles that are not strong enough to support extreme movements are often prone to joint injuries. Likewise, tighter muscles can predispose one to muscle tearing due to a limited range of motion.

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