Why Is It Important to Do Exercises for Lower Back Pain?


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Consistent and progressive exercise is the only method of encouraging the lower back to heal, as opposed to medications that only mask the pain associated with injury, reports Spine-health. In addition to aiding recovery, strengthening of the lower back lowers the likelihood of future injuries.

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Regular, progressive exercise aids in the healing of a lower back injury through moving ligaments, muscles, disks and spine through a healthy range of motion. Immobilization of the lower back only worsens pain, as it encourages the stiffening of the spine and loss of strength in lumbar muscles, reports Spine-health. Regular exercise also aids in the diffusion of nutrients into the spine area through increased blood flow, fostering recovery. This increased circulation also reduces swelling of disks and the surrounding tissues, taking pressure off pinched nerves and thus reducing pain.

Initial physical therapy should consist mostly of stretches. This provides consistent relief from back pain, as the spine and surrounding tissues gain mobility, according to Spine-health. Strength exercises are then added to the therapy routine, especially in cases of chronic back pain, in order to reduce the likelihood of future episodes. Lastly, aerobic conditioning is added to this routine; aerobically fit patients have less likelihood of future back pain and report less pain during episodes.

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