How Important Is It for a Diabetic to Keep a Daily Glucose Level Chart?


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Self-monitoring blood glucose can be an essential part of managing diabetes and preventing complications, according to Mayo Clinic. A daily glucose level chart can help monitor the effectiveness of treatment and medicines, and it helps the patient understand how factors such as diet, exercise, illness and stress affect blood sugar levels.

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WebMD provides a table that lists ideal blood sugar ranges after activities such as waking up, eating or exercising. Everyone's body is different, but this chart shows how healthy glucose levels should rise and fall throughout the day.

Charting glucose levels can help patients meet their goals, according to the Joslin Diabetes Clinic. It gives patients feedback to reward their efforts at management and provides data to help physicians optimize treatment. It helps them understand when medications work the best and what activities cause blood sugar spikes.

The number of times a day that patients need to test their glucose depends on doctor's orders, reports Mayo Clinic. Patients who manage their type 2 diabetes without insulin may not even need to test their glucose daily, notes the website, while patients with type 1 diabetes may need to record their blood sugar levels four or even eight times each day.

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