What Is the Importance of Spacers for Inhalers?


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A spacer is important for effective use an inhaler, as it helps ensure that medication is inhaled properly to improve lung function. Spacers help prevent problems such as breathing while dispensing the medication and controlling the speed at which the medicine is administered, reports the American Lung Association.

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What Is the Importance of Spacers for Inhalers?
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With the aid of a spacer, medication is delivered deep into the lungs and makes inhalation easier during an asthma attack. Additionally, spacers cause a drug to disperse into smaller particles that flow more easily into the lungs. A spacer holds medication in it until it is ready to be breathed in, permitting time for the user to take a long, deep breath before inhalation, according to the American Lung Association.

Spacers stop a drug from being inhaled too rapidly from the inhaler. They can also help prevent irritation and potential infection in the mouth and throat by ensuring that the medicine is delivered into the lungs, rather than coating the mouth and throat, states the Asthma Society of Canada.

Children under 5 may find it easier to use a mask that connects to a spacer, explains the American Lung Association. Spacers come in a variety of types and can be chosen according to the user’s needs. Some are collapsible for convenience and portability.

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