What Is the Importance of Probiotics for Digestion?


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Probiotics help in fighting off potentially dangerous organisms in the intestine and reduce the likelihood of infections from ingested toxins, according to Joyce Killian for Life Extension. Probiotics have also been shown to promote the healthy functioning of the intestinal inner lining, which acts as a barrier against dangerous organisms and substances passing into the body. Probiotics also enhance the general functions of the body's immune system. They are normally living in balance in a healthy human digestive tract.

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There are a variety of types of probiotics, each with its own distinctive function in the digestive system, reports Killian. Because of diet, other external events or the medical history of an individual, the balance of these healthy organisms in the human digestive system may be off, which can lead to harmful consequences. Such negative outcomes include chronic inflammation, cardiovascular problems, allergic disorders, asthma and obesity. These conditions can lead to the development of more serious and life-threatening diseases.

Probiotic therapy can help restore the body's healthy balance under these conditions, explains Killian. It has been used to treat intestinal infections, diarrhea, ulcers and gastritis along with the conditions mentioned above. Such therapy involves supplementing a diet with probiotic cultures that help strengthen the immune system and prevent chronic diseases.

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