What Is the Importance of the Driver's License Eye Test?


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A driver's license eye test or vision screening is necessary to determine whether an individual who is applying for or renewing a driver's license meets the vision standards required for safe driving. It is also the basis for determining the type of driver's license issued to a driver.

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Exact vision requirements vary by state. In the state of Virginia, for example, a driver with 20/40 vision and 100 degrees horizontal vision in one or both eyes is eligible for a driver's license without restrictions. A driver with 20/70 vision and 70 degrees horizontal vision in one or both eyes can get a restricted driver's license that permits driving during the daylight hours only. Stricter standards apply for drivers applying for a commercial driver's license. A person who passes the eye test with his eyeglasses on or contacts in must wear the same corrective lenses whenever driving, as indicated in his driver's license restrictions.

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