What Is the Importance of Cancer Awareness?


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Cancer awareness leads to early diagnosis and treatment and engenders involvement by various stakeholders in supporting cancer sufferers. It also eliminates cultural-based stigma and lowers cancer incidence and mortality rates, which the Oxford Journals projects to rise to 20 million and 12.9 million respectively by 2030 in the absence of control measures.

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Through cancer awareness, people understand the need for early screening, which facilitates diagnosis and enhances the efficacy of treatment. It also prevents the spread of cancer tumors to other tissues, which complicates treatment, according to the Cancer Awareness Center. Increased awareness among all the stakeholders in health care regarding the signs of cancer helps fight cancers of the cervix, skin, colon and breast, according to the World Health Organization.

Through increased awareness, people learn about lifestyle changes such as eating healthy diets, staying active and getting immunized against certain infections, which helps to alleviate the risk of cancer, according to Mayo Clinic. Awareness creation eliminates misconceptions and stigma associated with certain cancers. As communities become aware of the social and emotional devastation that results from diagnosis and misconceptions that fuel the patients’ anguish, they alter their perceptions and take steps to support cancer patients, opines the Oxford Journals.

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