Does Implantation Hurt?


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According to BabyMed, you may experience implantation cramps, but the pain is typically mild in nature. Implantation cramps are associated with the fertilized egg penetrating the uterus. The hormone levels in your body are changing, and the adjustment may cause some discomfort, states BabyZone.

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BabyMed states that most women feel the pain around 10 days post ovulation, but some women can experience cramps as soon as five days post ovulation. Some light bleeding may accompany the cramps, BabyZone notes, and this is nothing to worry about as long as the bleeding remains light and the blood is pinkish or light brown in color.

The pain caused by implantation differs for each woman. Severe pains could be a sign of complications. BabyZone recommends that women contact their physician immediately if pains are accompanied by a fever, chills or heavy bleeding.

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