How Do You Identify Whole Grain Breads?


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To identify whole grain breads, look at the list of ingredients. If the bread is 100 percent whole grain, the first item listed in the ingredients must be a whole grain, such as brown rice, rolled oats, cracked wheat, quinoa or bulgur.

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Labels list ingredients in order by weight. Bread that lists "wheat flour" or even "enriched wheat flour" as the first, or primary, ingredient is not whole grain bread.

Do not rely on a label saying "whole grain." As of 2015, no official definition exists for the term "whole grain" except for "whole wheat." Any bread claiming to be "whole wheat" must have 100 percent whole wheat and may not contain white flour.

Do not rely on the color of the bread either. Bread makers frequently use caramel coloring in the bread to make it darker and therefore appear to be whole grain.

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