How Do You Identify Good Hip Replacement Surgeons?


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To identify a good hip replacement surgeon, ask for recommendations, compare various surgeons, consider experience and verify credentials. Choosing the right surgeon increases chances of success and gives the patient confidence in the procedure, notes Healthline.

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Orthopedic surgeons are educated and trained to deal with matters that affect the muscoskeletal system. This means they can carry out examinations, diagnosis and treatment of body parts including the knees, hips and backbone. To choose the right orthopedic surgeon for a hip replacement surgery, use the following steps.

  1. Get recommendations
  2. Talk to a doctor regarding the best orthopedic surgeon in the region. Also seek recommendations from close friends and family members.

  3. Compare the various surgeons
  4. Take the short list of surgeons and compare their prices, locations and facilities to further cut down the list.

  5. Consider their experience
  6. The more experience a surgeon has in dealing with hip complications, the greater the chances of subsequent successes, notes Healthgrades. Choose a surgeon who has had many previous successful operations.

  7. Verify credentials
  8. It is important to ensure the surgeon holds all the basic requirements and legal documents to carry out a hip replacement. Arrange for a consultation and talk to the surgeon regarding what to expect.

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