What Are Some Ideas for Writing Letters to Send a Friend?


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Ideas for crafting creative letters to friends range from basic, like featuring a quote or a poem in the letter, to "outside the box" ideas like folding the letter into a heart. A touch of creativity can make your common pen-to-paper message all the more meaningful.

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Sites like Pinterest are filled with ideas for letter writing. It takes one quick skim of a snail mail art thread to determine that almost anyone can find a creative outlet through which to express his feelings and intentions.

If you want to keep a letter simple yet still meaningful, craft your letter through a poem. Whether you prefer free-flow verses or rhyming poetry, your effort is likely to be rewarded with gratitude. Poems look visually appealing, and they tend to resonate with their intended recipients.

Origami is another crafty idea to employ when sending a letter to a friend. Simply write a letter in your own words, then head over to Pinterest for ideas on folding it in a unique or meaningful way.

When you can't quite express how you feel in your own words, quotes are an excellent standby to feature in a letter to a friend. The website InspirationalQuotes.com is a rich resource for finding the words you'd like to borrow. Intersperse the quotes amidst your own words, or compose a letter entirely of quotes to create an expressive literal collage.

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