Is Ice Cream Bad for a Person?


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Ordering the right kind of ice cream can move it from a person's vice to virtue list, even someone with lactose intolerance. The "right" kind is bone friendly: It has about 15 percent of the daily value for calcium in every half serving, so a full serving, which is one cup, is equivalent to drinking 8 ounces of milk, according to "Prevention" magazine.

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If people stick to just half a serving, especially if they're eating a premium brand that's likely very fatty and highly caloric, then that's very reasonable.

At a 2010 National Institutes of Health conference, health experts expressed concern about the lack of dairy in the diets of lactose-intolerant people, and advised that dairy shouldn't be avoided. In fact, the experts agreed that the lactose averse could actually tolerate as much as 50 grams of lactose; think a quart of milk.

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