What ICD-9 Code Is Used for Follow-up for a Post Appendectomy With No Complications?


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The appropriate ICD-9 code for a follow-up visit after an appendectomy, without complications, as of 2015, is V67.09. This is the code for a "Follow-up examination following other surgery."

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V codes are used when a patient visits a hospital for reasons other than disease or injury classified in the main part of ICD-9, indicated by codes 001-999. All follow-up visits are classified with a V67 code and imply that the condition or disease has been treated and no longer exists but must be monitored. This should not be confused with aftercare codes, which are used for treatments during the healing phase. Examples of situations requiring aftercare codes are dressing changes and suture removals.

The codes between V67.01 and V67.08 indicate specific surgeries and treatments, such as chemotherapy or psychotherapy. However, an appendectomy does not fall into any of these categories. Therefore, it is classified in the "other surgery" category, coded as V67.09.

V codes can be used as a primary or secondary diagnosis. In this case, V67.09 would be used as the primary diagnosis. There are a few cases where this would be disallowed. For example, if this were a Hospice claim submitted to Medicare, they would not accept a V code as a primary diagnosis.

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